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Scouts Target Shooting Competition 2015


Air Rifle 6-yards

1st place Anya - 3rd Warwick
2nd place Annabel - Hampton Magna
3rd place Simon - 7th Warwick

Air Pistol 6-yards

1st place Annabel - Hampton Magna
2nd place Simon - 7th Warwick
3rd place Sam - Hampton Magna

Team Air Rifle Competition

1st place 3rd Warwick - Anya / Lucy / Carys
2nd Place 7th Warwick - Simon / Ethan / Oliver
3rd place Hampton Magna - Annabel / Sam / Nathan

Congratulations to all of those that took part but especially to those that are named above.
Thank you to all who supported the event, particularly to the team of instructors: Steve , David , Calvin and Denise.